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Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in April 2017

  • Jami L. Milton, PhD |
  • 05.04.2017
I first began studying neural circuits in Ed Callaway’s lab at the Salk Institute, even before his group was doing viral tracing studies. To map functional circuits, we ...
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Neuromodulation and Challenges Facing Translational Neuroscience

  • Jami L. Milton, PhD |
  • 04.26.2017
  In the next video of our Neurovox series, we feature Kip Ludwig, PhD, Associate Director, Mayo Neural Engineering Laboratories. Kip runs a research lab in ...
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Inscopix in the News! Check Out Our Miniature Microscope Technology ...

  • Inscopix |
  • 04.19.2017
  Bloomberg visited Inscopix laboratories and made this fantastic video of our miniature microscope technology. Check out how our technology reads brain activity in real ...
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Seven Neuroscience Experts Give Career Advice

  • Jami L. Milton, PhD |
  • 04.18.2017
We asked seven neuroscience experts for their advice to anyone desiring to make their mark, either at the research bench or outside of academia. Much of what they said ...
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Neuroscientists Identify Brain Circuit Necessary for Memory Formation

  • Anne Trafton |
  • 04.10.2017
When we visit a friend or go to the beach, our brain stores a short-term memory of the experience in a part of the brain called the hippocampus. Those memories are later ...
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The Importance of Studying Neural Circuits for Understanding ...

  • Jami L. Milton, PhD |
  • 04.04.2017
In another segment of our Neurovox series, Vania Cao, PhD, interviews Amar Sahay, PhD, an Assistant Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital, Center of Regenerative ...
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Grant Submissions, Research, Publications...We Can Help.

  • Jacqueline DeRose, PhD |
  • 03.29.2017
  After more than 15 years in academia, I recently crossed over to industry and joined Inscopix. Our company has the singular vision to accelerate fundamental ...
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Stanford Scientists Use Calcium Imaging to Study Pavlovian ...

  • Taylor Kubota |
  • 03.27.2017
In the decades following the work by physiologist Ivan Pavlov and his famous salivating dogs, scientists have discovered how molecules and cells in the brain learn to ...
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Birdsong, Calcium Imaging, and Progress in Neuroscience

  • Jami L. Milton, PhD |
  • 03.21.2017
  Richard Mooney, the George Barth Geller Professor of Neurobiology at Duke University, and a leader in birdsong neuroscience sat down recently with our very own Vania ...
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Parallel Neural Circuits Mediate Distinct Aspects of Fear Memory

  • Alice Stamatakis, PhD |
  • 03.08.2017
Fundamental aspects of learning and memory are well conserved among species and are necessary for survival.  The hippocampus and amygdala are key regions of the brain ...
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