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  • Jacqueline DeRose, PhD |
  • 03.29.2017
  After more than 15 years in academia, I recently crossed over to industry and joined Inscopix. Our company has the singular vision to accelerate fundamental ...
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Stanford Scientists Use Calcium Imaging to Study Pavlovian ...

  • Taylor Kubota |
  • 03.27.2017
In the decades following the work by physiologist Ivan Pavlov and his famous salivating dogs, scientists have discovered how molecules and cells in the brain learn to ...
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Birdsong, Calcium Imaging, and Progress in Neuroscience

  • Jami L. Milton, PhD |
  • 03.21.2017
  Richard Mooney, the George Barth Geller Professor of Neurobiology at Duke University, and a leader in birdsong neuroscience sat down recently with our very own Vania ...
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Parallel Neural Circuits Mediate Distinct Aspects of Fear Memory

  • Alice Stamatakis, PhD |
  • 03.08.2017
Fundamental aspects of learning and memory are well conserved among species and are necessary for survival.  The hippocampus and amygdala are key regions of the brain ...
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Flashing Neurons as Science Art

  • Jami L. Milton, PhD |
  • 03.02.2017
  Check out this great blog post by Dr. Francis Collins highlighting Caitlin Vander Weele's research in Kay M. Tye’s MIT lab using our miniature microscope to show how ...
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