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4th Annual Art Live Lounge for Women in STEM, benefiting the Global Fund for Women


Posted by Vania Cao - 04.03.2015


As the official corporate sponsor of the 4th Annual Art Live Lounge, hosted by the Global Fund for Women’s Vanguard Circle, Inscopix celebrated women in science and technology along with over 300 professionals from around the Bay Area on March 26th, 2015. 

Organized by the Vanguard Circle, a dedicated volunteer advisory group of young professionals who put their time and efforts into furthering causes to benefit women and girls in the Bay Area, this sold-out event featured a silent auction, art displays, raffles and good conversation, all to support women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

In recent years, increased attention towards the need for more girls and women to enter and be retained within STEM fields has prompted many groups to dedicate efforts towards addressing this issue.  As a neuroscience company employing women in both traditional and alternative STEM career pathways, Inscopix is proud to provide support to this great local event for a great cause!

Dr. Stephani Otte,, Lara Cardy, Dr. Vania Cao and Dr. Kunal Ghosh of Inscopix mingle at the Art Live Lounge celebrating Women in STEM.  Photo from the Global Fund for Women Facebook page.

Dr. Stephani Otte, Lara Cardy and Dr. Kunal Ghosh of Inscopix mingle at the Art Live Lounge celebrating Women in STEM.  Photo from the Global Fund for Women Facebook page.

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